Welcome to the Finnish School!  The school operates in three locations (Concord West, Manly Vale and Randwick).

All members must fill out three forms:

  1. Application for Membership of Association, when first joining
  2. Enrolment form (Ilmoittautumislomake), yearly
  3. The Department of Education’s Use of Personal Information form, yearly

All forms can be downloaded and printed here:

The filled out forms can be given to the secretary when first attending school.

Note: The Finnish School applies for funding every year from the Department of Education. This requires that parents consent to give the following information to the Department: the student’s name, birth date, a guardian’s phone number and the name of their school. This information has been given in the enrolment form, but we need explicit parental consent for forwarding these details to the Department.

Membership fees

The form below contain the Finnish School’s bank account details and this year’s membership fees. On payment, please fill out the form and forward it to the secretary or the treasurer (contact us).

Please pay as quickly as possible. The fee includes all teaching materials.

Support membership is for students, who can only join events on weekends, including the camp and picnics.