The Objectives of the Finnish School

The Finnish School introduces children and teens to the Finnish language and culture. Children who do not speak Finnish at home are also welcome to enrol.

The curriculum is diverse and interesting aiming to create an enjoyable learning environment. The teachers hold formal qualifications as required by the Ethnic School Board of Australia. The Finnish School has been Incorporated since 1996.  This requires the curriculum to be approved by the NSW Board of Studies as well the Finnish School Board. The school also applies for funding from both governments.

Many Reasons to Enrol

  • Opportunity to meet other children with similar cultural background
  • Opportunity to learn and speak Finnish with peers of similar age
  • Children improve their ability to communicate with Finnish relatives and are better prepared for visiting Finland
  • Children learn about their parents’ cultural background 
  • The School further develops the language skills learnt at home
  • Children have opportunity to participate in Finnish cultural events
  • Parents get to network with other Finnish families

Activities at Finnish School

The teaching method is based on developing each child’s language skills individually.

  • Students are divided into small groups based on their age and language skills 
  • The emphasis is on development of spoken language, however reading and writing are also practiced
  • The students and families celebrate Finnish festivities and enjoy traditional Finnish foods
  • The children are welcome to use the Finnish School Library
  • Songs, craft and games are used to assist learning
  • Informal get together at a weekend camp